Anacortes Washington

The 1934 Rhododendron was published by the Journalism staff of ANACORTES HIGH SCHOOL, Anacortes Washington. It was produced by The Art Craft Engraving and Electrotype Co., Seattle WA. The book contained 96 pages; 12 of which were primarily advertisement (some of these pages were not included in this presentation)

The book belonged to Jessie Mankins, a Junior and member of the honor roll. It is filled with signatures, well wishes, and rememberances. These kids signed just about everything... especially the activity pictures

The book was scanned at 100 dpi back in 2001. That old scanner could take up to 4 mins to scan just one page. So I cheated with lower dpi and skipping pages. I know that 100 dpi does not give the best printed page and you have my apologies. In 2015 I reformated the pages for uniformity. There is no index presented..

It was scanned by volunteers at 3rd St. Book Exchange, Marysville WA.










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Clarence Alskogg Senior     Ruth Ginnett Senior     Melvin Padgett Freshman
Glenna Anderson Sophomore     Jerry Graves Freshman     Louie Padovan Senior
Mildred Anderson Sophomore     Allen Hammond Faculty     Lloyd Page Senior
Norine Olive Anderson Senior     Carol Hansen Senior     Martha Mary Palmer Sophomore
Pete Babarovich Freshman     albert Harris Sophomore     Donald Payne Freshman
Francis Baer Sophomore     Jacqueline Hart Freshman     Alan Pentz Freshman
LaVerne Baer Senior     Arthur Haugland Junior     Jean Pentz Sophomore
Barton Barber Senior     Arthur Haugland Junior     Edith Peterson Junior
Walter Barber Junior     Delores Haynes Freshman     Jennie Peterson Senior
Eddie Barcott Freshman     Delores Hebert Junior     Max Pierson Freshman
Josephine Barcott Senior     Glenn Hebert Freshman     Jean Pinkerton Sophomore
Barbara Barker Freshman     John Heiber Sophomore     Margaret Polis Junior
Dick Barney Junior     Ruth Henwood Junior     Margaret Polis Junior
George Barrington Freshman     Ruth Henwood, Junior     Ray Polley Freshman
Doris Bassett Junior     Beatrix Hewson Senior     Violet Premo Junior
Frank E. Bassett Senior     Cecil Hill Sophomore     Harriet Pressey Sophomore
Ellen Beaty Senior     Jack Hoksbergen Sophomore     Shirley Raeder Freshman
Ellen Pearl Beaty Senior     Gladys Horn Freshman     Arthur Ramsdell Freshman
Tillie Bebich Freshman     June. Horn Senior     Henrietta Ratzlaff Junior
Sylvia Benson Freshman     Virginia Hoskins Sophomore     Marjorie Ratzlaff Sophomore
Virginia Benson Freshman     Eugene Howard Sophomore     Wesley Rawhouser Senior
Buehl Berentson Junior     Ila June. Hughes Sophomore     Ardis Ray Freshman
Helene Berentson Freshman     Patricia Hughes Sophomore     Jerry Rayl Senior
Alfons Berg Junior     James Hunt Sophomore     Eugene Rayment Sophomore
Elvy Berg Junior     June. Huntley Senior     Roberta Redd Junior
Harold Biehl Freshman     Robert Iverson Freshman     Lucille Reddig Junior
John Biendl Senior     Jimmie Jamison Freshman     Amy Reeves Faculty
Kenneth Birch Junior     Cecil E. Jarvis Senior     Mary Rettie Faculty
Mildred Blackington Freshman     Charlotte Jenson Junior     Jacqueline Richmond Senior
Wanda La Rayne Bondeson Senior     Shirley Jeppson Sophomore     Claudia Rinehart Freshman
Howard Boulton Faculty     Donald Johnson Freshman     Charles Rock Freshman
Marjorie Brand Sophomore     Milton Johnson Senior     Encie Rogers Freshman
Dorothy Branham Freshman     Ray Johnson Freshman     Marvel Winifred Rogers Senior
Alice May Bresee Senior     Carol Jones Freshman     Donald Rolph Senior
Cyril Brewer Faculty     Theodore Jones Sophomore     Caroline Ross Freshman
Wanda Brisbin Senior     Ervin Jorgensen Senior     Donald Rowell Junior
Tommy Brooks Freshman     Jerry Jurkovich Junior     Lorene Rumsey Senior
Archie Brown Sophomore     June. Jurkovich Junior     Maxine Rumsey Senior
Bette Brown Senior     Kenneth Kack Sophomore     Irvin Rydberg Junior
Lloyd Brown Freshman     James Kager Freshman     Cameron Schultz Freshman
Nathan Brown Freshman     Marie Kager Freshman     Dunkin Schultz Sophomore
Edith buchanan Junior     Bob Keller Freshman     Robert Schultz Sophomore
Lloyd Earl Buchanan Senior     Marcia Kingsley Sophomore     Malcolm Scribner Freshman
Percy Buchanan Freshman     Marcia Kingsley Sophomore     Robert Separovich Junior
Ralph Arthur Burgett Senior     Eldon Klein Freshman     claire Shapley Junior
Dan Burke Senior     Kristina Kleven Junior     George Shapley Sophomore
Paul Burke Junior     Ferdinand Kramer Faculty     Charles Sherman Sophomore
Margaret Burpee Faculty     Walter Krause Freshman     Earl Sherman Sophomore
Loren Bushey Sophomore     Howard Kraywinkel Freshman     Harold Sherman Freshman
Willis Bushey Freshman     Don Lambert Freshman     Harold Sherman Freshman
Margaret Cahail Senior     Bernadean Lamie Junior     Albert Simaz Freshman
Shirley Caldwell Freshman     Betty Langdon Sophomore     Gail Simpson Junior
Florence Campbell Senior     Gene Larson Freshman     Robert Sloan Freshman
Gordon Carlson Senior     Keith LaRue Sophomore     Ardelle Smith Freshman
Mavis Carlson Junior     Kent LaRue Sophomore     Ellsworth Smith Senior
Lyman Carpenter Freshman     Richard Latimer Sophomore     Gordon Smith Sophomore
Alic Carroll Junior     Dorothy Leonard Junior     Joy Smith Sophomore
Charles Cartee Senior     Howard Lewis Junior     Kirvin Smith Faculty
Mary Carter Faculty     Marguerite Lewis Junior     Margie Smith Senior
William Chance Faculty     Carol Lian Sophomore     Harry Smtih Junior
Marjorie Charlot Sophomore     Arlene Lindell Senior     Bill Sparks Freshman
Marjorie Charlot Sophomore     Robert Lindell Sophomore     Ben L. Sprague Senior
William H. Charlot Senior     Roberta Lindell Sophomore     Doris Sprague Sophomore
Alfred Chiabai Sophomore     Laurence Lister Senior     Erma Sprague Sophomore
Lydia Chiabai Junior     Lucille Loftis Freshman     Erma Sprague Sophomore
Russell Childs Freshman     Archie Loss Junior     Lois Stedman Freshman
Shirlee Childs Junior     Robert Lovejoy Senior     Sylvia Stedman Senior
Ray Clerk Admin     Jim Lowman Memoriam     Lee Stephenson Faculty
Don Cline Senior     Ray Lowman Admin     Lee Stephenson, Admin
Dale Coberly Freshman     Dorothy MacDonald Sophomore     Geraldine Stewart Sophomore
Helen Coberly Sophomore     George MacDonald Sophomore     Howard Stewart Junior
Lorna Compton Sophomore     Helen Mildred MacDonald Senior     Loran Storme Sophomore
Lola Conquest Sophomore     Tom Machin Freshman     Tommy Storme Freshman
Ellen Cook Junior     Jessie Mankins Junior     Beatrice Strickland Sophomore
Ellen Cook Junior     Phyllis March. Faculty     Ted Stroebel Sophomore
Allan Cornett Freshman     Ann Marinakos Junior     Alice Strom Freshman
DeFore Cramblitt Admin     Thomas Maris Junior     Caroline Lois Summers Senior
DeFore Cramblitt Admin     Clinton Marley Faculty     Glenn Sutt Freshman
Imogene Crane Sophomore     Anita Marrs Junior     Betty Lou Swanson Senior
Gene Elmore Crawford Senior     Danny Maryott Freshman     June. Swanson Freshman
Harry Crosby Freshman     Jeannette Maticich Sophomore     Walter Symonds Freshman
Fred Dansingburg Freshman     Luella Matson Senior     Don Taylor Sophomore
Frances DeBoer Junior     Morris Matson Junior     Frank Taylor Admin
Chris Demopolis Senior     Charlotte Matthews Junior     John Tennant Senior
Themo Demopolis Freshman     Marian McCormack Senior     Esther Thayer Junior
Barbara Detwiler Freshman     Marian McCormack Senior     Hazel Thomas Junior
Shirley Dewar Sophomore     Frank McCrady Junior     Ernest Thompson Freshman
Lois Dewey Freshman     Louis McCrady Freshman     Charles Thomsen Sophomore
Arthur Dibble Junior     Laurene McDougall Senior     Jack Thomsen Senior
William Dildine Junior     Ralph McDougall Freshman     Delbert Thomson Junior
Myrtle Doane Freshman     Betty McGillivray Sophomore     William Tietjen Junior
Helen Dolph Junior     Don McKee Senior     Patricia Althea Timmons Senior
Marjorie Dorcy Faculty     Lloyd McKee Sophomore     James Tingley Junior
Rosemary Downie Junior     Lloyd McKee Sophomore     Joyce Tuller Sophomore
Peter Dragovich Sophomore     Barbara McKinley Junior     Joan Turner Sophomore
Pauline Drake Freshman     Fred Millard Freshman     Wayne B. Tweten Senior
Barton Dunbar Freshman     Edna Miller Freshman     Barbara Unsoeld Freshman
Edward Edge Senior     Rex Mitchell Freshman     Marian Unsoeld Freshman
Kenneth Ellin Freshman     Jimmie Moe Freshman     Leonard Verhoeff Sophomore
Thelma Ellingwood Senior     Merna Moen Sophomore     Claudine Verrall Freshman
Howard Elvebak Freshman     Pat Mondhan Sophomore     Irene Wager Freshman
June. Elvebak Junior     Ronald Monro Freshman     Joyce Walch Freshman
Leslie Ensign Senior     Roy Moran Senior     Audree Walton Freshman
Hazel Ent Freshman     Roger Morgenthaler Freshman     Morris Walton Freshman
Jeanne Erholm Freshman     Ione Morrison Junior     Blanche Virginia Walton Senior
Jack Everett Freshman     Gloria Moyer Junior     Maude Webb Faculty
Paul Everett Sophomore     Margaret Moyer Senior     Adela Wedlund Freshman
Emerson Faris Sophomore     Verda Munhall Senior     Althea Welk Senior
Fern Inez Faris Senior     Bill Murray Freshman     Dorothy Wells Sophomore
Paul Fee Junior     Dave Murray Senior     Jack Wells Junior
Virginia Finnson Sophomore     Beverly Nelson Junior     Aubrey Whitcombe Senior
Kenneth Fitch Junior     Georgianna Newland Sophomore     Betty Wilcoxson Sophomore
Gordon Flannigan Senior     Katherine Newland Junior     Leona Wilkerson Freshman
Jack Fletcher Freshman     Cecil Nystrom Senior     Kenneth Willis Sophomore
Pat Flinn Senior     Geraldine Odegard Senior     Phyllis Winkler Sophomore
Glenn Forbes Freshman     Donald Oldow Junior     Bette Winters Freshman
Ruth Fosso Junior     Bob Olmstead Freshman     Alden Wooten Sophomore
Dorothy Fox Freshman     Jacob Olsen Sophomore     Robert Wooten Junior
June. Fredeen, Senior     Ramond Olsen Sophomore     Robert Wooten Sophomore
Anna Mae Freeman Junior     ReVae Olsen Senior     Richard Wooten Faculty
Dewey Funk Freshman     Walter Olsen Junior     Dean Young Junior
Wallie Funk Senior     Robert Olson Freshman     Doreen Young Freshman
Denzel Galyean Junior     James Otis Freshman     Barbara Young Sophomore
Betty George Sophomore     Lorraine Otis Sophomore     Charlotte Zigler Freshman
Jimmie Gilden Freshman     Russell Padgett Sophomore     Mary Margaret Zigler Junior
Corrine Gilkey Junior    

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This book was scanned by 3rd St Book Exchange, 1615 3rd St., Marysville WA. It is intended for Free Genealogy/History Research. All Rights Reserved. @ November 2001