Ode to Gargamel
(Kinda to the chorus tune of Wyatt Earp)
Gar ga mel
Gar ga mel
Brave, courageous and bold.....
long may he live and long
may he buck (and with any luck)
long may his story be told.

Gargamel is one interesting critter. Powerful leaps and bucks combine with sleek muscles and pretty colors makes him the most photographed bull at the Rocking J Rodeo Ranch
Two different cowboys and the same corner...

Oh Yah, the same outcome

Actually gettin' to that corner is great ridin' or pure luck

The average ride is 3 Gargamel-sized jumps.

Actually he's a professional and rode Gargamel to a happy draw!!!
He Never Ever Met a Cowboy that He Liked!
Or a Bullfighter!!!!!!!

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created 6 Aug 2004
last updated 5 Feb 2005
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