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Marysville, Snohomish County, Washington 1917 and 1918 ... a nice little town just north of Everett and east of the Tulalip Indian Reservation. There is a road around the 'flats' (tidal lands that were mostly marsh near the Bay... and swampy (rich soil) farmland further inland). The most direct means of reaching Everett is the Great Northern Railroad... which built raised tracks across the sloughs and marsh. These tracks were also available for people willing to walk the 5 to 6 miles into Everett.

The Marysville Globe is the official Newspaper for this town of 2000 residents. The Marysville Globe of 1917, in its 25 year, was mostly a hometown newspaper... 4 large sheets... filled with town business, school sports, gossip and advertisement published every Friday. During the late spring of 1917 it changed its tone and started covering world events... Not many world events... the call to arms... the Great War...

What I have begun is two extractions for 1917 and 1918. The first one ... presented here is the Headlines and Everyday Event Extractions. There are 444 events ranging from birth to death... I am presenting the events in two forums... Monthly and indexed by event.

The second extraction will be issues relating to the Great War... including declarations; lists of men registered, drafted, or exempted; and the letters these men sent home. (this project is barely started and will progress as I have time... (I run a used bookstore to support my genealogy/history passion)...

I did mention the bookstore...

3rd St. Book Exchange
1615 3rd St.
downtown Marysville, WA 98270
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Yep that's an advertisement folks... someday I'll have books sell ... course...

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The Every Event - Person Index

Ideally this would be a clickable reference... but it isn't as this effort has taken up 2 months just to get to this spot.... So it isn't done the way it would be if I was given good money to make it.... but it is FREE and pretty accurate... As in all things... when using the index or the articles... this is an extracted work typed by a human...the original records and this typed works may differ...

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