21 Oct 2000... I have placed the pictures and some of the text from the 1909 Quil Ceda, the first high school yearbook, of Marysville High School, Marysville, WA. The 1909 was published by the Class of '09 and dedicated to the Marysville High School by the senior class. The staff were

The Name: quoted from the 1909 Quil Ceda
Choosing a name for the annual was a difficult problem. After much discussion "Quil Ceda," an Indian name, which is familiar to all of us was decided upon. It was chosen, not because of any special significance in its meaning, but because of its associations; for who of us, when that name is mentioned, does not think of the High School picnics on the "banks of the Quil": or the botany excursions to the "Apple Orchard," and to the "Second Bridge," perhaps stopping on the way to "cultivate' Little Sam's strawberries," or sample his onions.

The "Quil Ceda" - what High School boy does not picture the "old Swimming Hole," or who can tell - perchance he pictures the quiet, dim, shadowy length of "Lover's Lane."?

Certainly it is a name that stands for many good times in the past, and we "naughty-nines" hope it will stand for many in the future, so that every annual of the Marysville High School will bear the familiar, and to us, the dear old name Quil Ceda.

The wish was granted and the 91st issue of the Quil Ceda will be coming out this spring... and Quil Ceda Creek still flows through Marysville and it's northern farm land and new housing developments. Today, my husband reported he spent an hour watching the creek and saw salmon swimming up to and jumping past another beaver dam... And as he watched he saw three river otters...sporting. All within a fifty yards of a housing development.


quoted from the 1909 Quil Ceda

As this is the first Annual which we have ever put out, instead of giving a history of our class we will give a brief history of the High School as a whole. Seven years ago there was no High School in Marysville, only the eight grammar grades; but in the fall of 1903 nine graduates of the eighth grade entered the High School. The faculty consisted of one member- Mr. Jeans, the principal, who besides teaching the four subjects in the ninth grade, taught and had charge of the eighth grade, as the two were in the same room.

During the second year there were two High School grades. The eighth grade now had a separate teacher, who also taught the English and Latin classes in the High School, while the Principal still taught some of the eighth grade subjects. A little High School spirit sprang up at this time, and the High School colors and a yell were chosen.

Mr. Tripp became Superintendent in the third year, and Miss Twyman and Mrs. Eldridge were added to the faculty. At different times of the year the seventh and eighth grade teachers assisted in teaching the High School, and the High School teachers taught some of the grade subjects.

At this time we had occupied the same room with the eighth grade, in the Seventh Street schoolhouse, but at the close of this year it became evident that new accommodations would have to be provided for the following term. The basement of the Methodist Church was rented for the purpose and we occupied it during all of the fourth year.

Separated from the other school, we now developed a little more High School spirit; chose a motto and flower, organized two literary societies and had programs every two weeks. We now had three teachers: Superintendent C. S. Tripp, Miss Twyman and Miss Carman.

This year - 1907 - the High School graduated its first class.

The next year we entered the building which we now occupy. Mr. Bush was our Superintendent, and besides the two teachers who were retained from the preceding year, Miss Brennan was added to the teaching force.

Athletics began to take part in the school life, although we had only a baseball team and two basketball teams.

During the year an inspector visited the school, and at the close we were placed on the accredited list.

There were two graduates in the class of 1908.

The school year of 1908-1909 opened with another Superintendent, Mr. M. W. Taylor. A science teacher, Mr. J. E. Lewis, was added to the faculty.

This year we played football, had a number of basketball games with outside teams and organized a track team; also contested in debate and oratory with other accredited High Schools.

Later in the year Miss Allen was elected to help out in the High School and eighth grade, so that at the close of 1909 our High School has five teachers.

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